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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Alandi is a pilgrimage centre situated around twenty five kilometers from Pune city on the bank of river Indrayani in Maharashtra.

It is famous as the samadhi sthal of the renowned 13th century saint Sant Dnyaneshwar who translated the Bhagvad Geeta in the local language marathi for undertanding of the common folks (besides temples dedicated to Vithal Rahumai, Jalaram etc).

Today one sees a ghat in the place surrounding the samadhi sthal where a temple in the memory of Sant Dnyaneshwar was created.

Alandi as a pilgrimage centre is famous especially amongst the followers of the Warkari panth who obey the teachings of the medeival saints like Dnyaneshwar,Tukaram etc and hold Vithoba -Rakhumai of Pandharpur as their principal deities .

Miscellaneous photos of Dnyaneshwar samadhi mandir (clicked from a cell camera) :

Pic:Dnyaneshwaar samadhi mandir entrance

pic:mandir shikhara

pic: ancient tree where Sant Dnyaneshwars mother had apparently offered a hundred pradakshinas
pic:Sant Eknath paduka
pic:mandir's offices
mandir: shikhar,gabhara

Text and Photographs : Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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