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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramdara Temple, Pune

Ramdara is a old temple situated around ten kilometeres from Loni Kalbhor village, off Pune Solapur highway (20 kms from Pune).

The temple was constructed by one Devipuri maharaj a.ka Dhundi baba. It is built in a very serene location overlooking a pond .

The way to the temple albiet a little rough has a scenic view as it goes through some lush green fields.

An added attraction to this beautiful location are a group of white geese that run amock in the pond.

The temple itself is very colourful.

The basic structure being in black stone is adorned with some beautiful murals of hindu deities and saints.

Though the main deity is Shiva, there are virtually all deities encompassed in this temple.

The sabhamandap is ornately decorated with walls depicting stories from hindu mythology.

One also finds a beautiful idol of Nandi at the entrance of the sabhamandap.

Not many people are aware of this temple. Hence it is virtually uncrowded , something which creates more tranquility around this place.

Text and photographs by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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