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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sinhagad valley : A Photologue

Sinhagad valley lies at the foothills of Sinhagad fort near village Achkarwadi, dist Pune (30kms from Pune).

It is famous amongs bird watchers for a variety of birds seen in its vicinity like Asian paradise flycatcher , Rufous treepie , Ultramarine flycatcher, Black winged kite , Plum headed parakeet , Yellow throated sparrow (chestnut shouldered petronia) , Sunbirds , Spotted / laughing doves , babblers , Common , Jungle and bank  mynas, Oriental magpie and Indian robins, Green bee eaters , Red breasted flycatchers, Verditer flycatcher, Tickell's blue flycatcher, Red whiskered and Red vented Bulbuls  etc.

Photos :

Pic: Asian paradise flycatcher male
Pic: Asian paradise flycatcher male

Pic: Asian paradise flycatcher female

Pic: Asian paradise flycatcher female juvenile

Pic: Tickel's blue flycatcher

Pic: Rufous treepie

Pic: Black lored yellow tit bird

Pic: Black faced monkey
 Pic: Blue throated green bee eater

 Pic: Jungle babbler

 Pic: Grey babbler

 Pic: Jungle babbler

 Pic: Purple sunbird

 Pic: Indian robin female

Pic: Bank myna

 Pic: Spotted doves

Pic: Pond Heron

 Pic: Buzzard

 Pic: Chestnut shouldered petronia

 Pic: Plum headed parakeet female

Pic: Plum headed parakeet male

 Pic: Indian robin male
Pic: Indian robin female

Pic: Jungle Babbler

Pic: White spotted fantail

Pic: Plum headed parakeet female

 Pic: Coppersmith barbet

 Pic: brown flycatcher

  Pic: White throated kingfisher

Pic: Chestnut shouldered petronia (yellow throated sparrow)

Pic: Verditers flycatcher

Pic: Red breasted flycatcher

Pic: White eye

Pic: Tickell's blue flycatcher

Pic: Black winged kite

 Pic: calotes

Pic: spotted dove
Pic: Laughing Dove

Pic: Brahmini starling

Pic: Black kite

Pic: Paradise flycatcher male juvenile

Pic: Paradise flycatcher male

Text & Photographs by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha