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Monday, April 15, 2013

Kavdi paat : A Photologue

Kavdi paat is village situated on the banks of the Mula Mutha rivers. It is situated after Manjari village (Pune-Solapur highway). One passes Hadapsar. Then after crossing Manjari toll post (while going from Pune)  , one comes across the board of Kavdi-paat on the left. One has to take a turn inside alonside the board. Kavdi paat is around 3-5kms inside (after passing a small railway gate).

Despite its appealing natural beauty , the place is unfortunately not well maintained (used virtually as a dumping ground ). However despite this lacuna, it is still a favourite spot for bird lovers from in and around Pune, as it attracts a lot of wading birds like Rudy Shelduck, Northern Shoveller ducks, Coots,Spot billed ducks, Egrets, Cormorants , Common Sandpiper, Kingfishers ,White browed wagtail, Pied bushchat, Robin, Pipit, Green bee eater,Shrikes,Bulbuls etc.


 Pic: Rudy Shelduck (l,r)
Pic: Rudy Shelduck
 Pic: Northern shoveller male
 Pic: Northern shoveller female
 Pic: Spot billed duck
 Pic: Egret
Pic: Cattle egret in birding plumage

Pic: Grey Heron

Pic: Pond Heron
Pic: White browed wagtail
 Pic: White browed wagtail
 Pic: common sandpiper
 Pic: common coot
Pic: Coot with Brown headed gull

 Pic: white browed wagtail
 Pic: Pied bushchat male
 Pic: green bee eater
 Pic: Paddyfield pipit
 Pic: Oriental magpie robin
Pic: Red wattled lapwing

 Pic: Long tailed shrike
Pic: White throated kingfisher

Pic: Yellow wagtail

Pic: River tern

Pic: Black winged stilt bird & River tern

Pic: Dragon fly
Pic: Indian jewel betel
Pic: Garden Lizard

Text & Photographs : Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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