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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birding at Dive ghat : A Photologue

Birds are also sighted near Dive ghat  (Pune Saswad route).

Directions:  After Dive ghat ends (going from Pune-20kms), take a right after Hotel Garwa. The bird trail begins.Travel alongside the farms till you reach Pilaji Jadhavrao farms which is restricted area. 

But outside its entrance, towards the right  one comes across a huge crater that once used to be a lake-talao (alongside is a dug up well). 

Birds seen: Green bee eater, black drongo, grey hornbill, larks,bay backed shrike, black kites, eurasian collared doves, laughing dove,hoopoe etc.


 Pic: Bay backed shrike
 Pic: Black drongo
 Pic: Bramhini starling
 Pic: Eurasian collared dove

 Pic: Green bee eater
 Pic: Grey hornbill
 Pic: Bush lark

 Pic: Hoppoe
 Pic: Indian silverbill
 Pic: Lark
 Pic: Robin
 Pic: Wire tailed swallow
 Pic: Red wattled lapwing
Pic: Rufous tailed finch lark
 Pic: Jungle crow
 Pic: Black kite

Pic: Short toed eagle
 Pic: Laughing dove
 Pic: Bush lark
Pic: Bay backed shrike

Pic; Black Kite

Text and photographs by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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