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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pashan Lake : A Photologue

Who would have imagined that a beautiful lake that attracts a variety of waders is situated right in the heart of the city.

Pashan lake is one such place capable of giving you that pleasant surprise.

Pashan lake is located 10 kms from Kothrud and can be seen while travelling across Pune Bangalore highway.


It can be accessed via Sus Pashan, Kothrud-Chandni chowk road, Mumbai Bangalore highway (Mahadev mandir).

Pic: Common Kingfisher

Pashan lake is situated right in the midst of a green marshy land. Its cool waters attracts birds of various kinds and even migratory birds you wouldnt imagine in the hustle bustle of a city.

Pic: Indian shag cormorant

There are birds like cormorants, painted storks, pond herons, egrets, grey herons, purple herons, pheasant tailed jacunas, swamp hens, river terns, pipits, kingfishers, drongos, shrikes,spot billed ducks, eurasian coots, ibis, kites,marsh harrier,jungle crows, mynas.... (besides  insects, bugs, reptiles and flora)  just to name a few.

Pic: Painted stork

It is one of the most favourite destination of Pune birdies and one often comes across this human variety glued to the lake with their cameras and binoculars.

Pic: Pond hen

Seeing the interest generated by the lake, it is being renovated with a new pathway and a centrally located bridge that joins two ends of a canal.


 Pic: Egret
 Pic: Painted stork
 Pic: Paddyfield pipit
 Pic: Cormorant
 Pic: Cormorant
 Pic: Glossy Ibis
 Pic: Pond hen
 Pic: Pond heron
Pic: Common kingfisher
  Pic: Pond heron
 Pic: Purple heron
Pic: Pheasant tailed Jacuna
 Pic: spot billed duck

Pic: Common Sandpiper
 Pic: Egrets
Pic: Little egret
 Pic: Cormorants
 Pic: Jungle myna
Pic: Purple heron & Egret
Pic: Grey heron and cormorant

Pic: Marsh Harrier
Pic: Green Bee eater
Pic:Purple heron
Pic: Red wattled lapwing
 Pic: Cattle egret
Pic: Grey heron
Pic: Garden lizard
Pic: Grey heron
Pic: Black drongo
Pic: Common sandpiper
Pic: Yellow wagtail
Pic: White browed wagtail
Pic: Common coot
Pic: Pied Kingfisher

Pic: Ibis
Pic: White throated Kingfisher
Pic: Black kite n Cormorant

Text & Photos by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha

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